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31/04/14 Report on Adobe Jasdeep Singh
For my Personal Learning Plan I have to talk about my habits and how I can be better with them as well as setting myself a SMART goal.
Firstly though, I have to discuss the report that I got last year and my feelings about them.
Last year there were many things I could be doing better. For example I was told by my English teacher that I did not understand all of the techniques that authors used in novels. This was because I was skim-reading a lot and so I missed some of the techniques and saw the novels on just one level.
My P.E teacher always wanted me to calm down because I was often vey restless in her class for many reasons. One of those was the fact that I was always one step ahead of all my classmates, who are more used to excelling at written work. Another reason was because of the amount the sports games we did often blocked some of the best parts of the sport we were playing for example tackling or everyone must touch the ball before we can score it would annoy me so much because we always had someone on our team who wouldn’t do anything.
In Indonesian the teacher sometimes got a bit frustrated because many reasons. One of those was the fact that I wasn’t concentrating as much as I probably should, which was directly influenced by my frustration at my lack of knowledge of the Indonesian language and culture. She also got a bit frustrated because I had many problems getting a hold of the language and how they write and use words.
My teachers thought my behaviour was satisfactory which I agree with and my effort was also viewed as satisfactory. This surprised me in some cases because I felt I put in a lot of effort but my teachers obviously didn’t think the same as me which surprises me cause in the last semester I improved my behaviour and work ethic so much it was really disappoint and heart breaking, but I cannot change my report.
Now I have to give my opinion on some of the habits my teachers noticed.
I sometimes have trouble managing my emotions and act upon impulse. This is never good for anyone because it can lead to me saying things that may hurt others feelings or getting into a fight which can lead to me getting into trouble with the authorities, both inside and outside school.
Sometimes I don’t think I am ambitious enough which can affect my learning adversely. This leads to me not putting full emphasis on work and leads to me developing an attitude of “that’ll do” which is very bad. This problem is only amplified by me having trouble getting motivated sometimes. It doesn’t seem appealing compared to playing FiFA