Essay about Doctor: The Scarlet Letter and Color Symbolism

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Scarlet Letter Essay
The director of the 1979 version of the scarlet letter used Hawthorne’s words in many ways throughout the film and while there were lots of different ways that this was achieved but the three main ways that I noticed were with color symbolism, and the different amounts of shade and light.
The color symbolism used throughout the film were really important in getting Hawthorne’s point across as it helped to portray different characters emotions and actions without them going out and saying it. One example of this is how the colors grey and blue are used all throughout the movie to symbolize sadness, gloominess, and normality. Hester Prynne is clothed in all grey clothing to show that she does not show her emotions often and that she remains calm even in the midst of her crazy situation. The red on Chillingworth’s shirt symbolizes life and blood because it is like Chillingworth is a leech and he is sucking the life right out of Arthur Dimmesdale. The main idea dealing with color and the film is the color black. Chillingworth says to let the black flower blossom as if to say that Hester should embrace all of the evil and sin inside of her instead of rejecting it. Another instance with the color black in the film is when Pearl and Hester are in the woods and Pearl is talking about the Black Man. This symbolizes the death, darkness, and sin within not just people involved in the affair but also it could be found within every single person, but it is whether or not you choose to use it that matters.
The other thing that is mainly used is the light and darkness and how it relates to