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DoDoctor Who at the Proms
I have watched Doctor Who at the proms. It was performed on Sunday the 27 of July in 2008 in the Royal Albert Hall in London. The concert was about an hour long with around twenty music pieces. It was the thirteenth concert in the 2008 Proms season, and was designed to introduce young children to concert-going.
The show was presented by the actress Freema Agyeman who plays Martha Jones in Doctor who and the concert was led by Ben Foster and Stephen Bell, and was performed by the BBC Philharmonic.
The Doctor Who Prom lifted the work of Murray Gold, who has composed the music for Doctor Who since its return in 2005. Other classical pieces was performed such as “Montagues and Capulets” from Romeo and Juliet. Tim Phillips also appears and to perform a solo called Song for ten, a piece by Murray Gold.
The concert started with “Murray Gold’s Concert Prologue” which was very mysterious with the solo singer, a great start to set the mood for the audience. One of the highlights of the show was “Murray Gold’s All the Strange Creatures”, it was performed in the beginning of the concert were all the monsters and aliens from the Doctor Who series appears around the audience. The Doctor’s biggest enemies are also featured on the scene in the Murray Gold’s piece “The Daleks and Darvos” where Darvos the creator of the evil Daleks try to take over the Royal Albert Hall and turn the audience into slaves, but they are defeated before that happens. David Tennant who played the lead role as Doctor Who couldn’t make it to the concert but he did appear on a screen above the orchestra where he interacted with the audience in different ways.…