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major earthquake desolated Haiti in January, 12 2010 at 4:35 pm. the magnitude of this earthquake was about 7 struck south-east of Haiti. This earthquake caused major damages affecting about 5.4 million people. Haiti’s worst quake in two centuries hit south of the capital port-au-prince on Tuesday, wrecking the presidential palace, United Nations and other buildings. a large number of united nations members were reported missing by the organization. The Red Cross informs that at least three million people have been affected. A number of nations, including the United States, United Kingdom and Venezuela, are gearing up to send aid. Reuter’s reporter Joseph Guyler Delva says that he saw dozens of people apparently dead or injured lying under rubble, which blocked roads.
The earthquake that desolated Haiti was the stronger temblor to hit the island nation in more than 200 years, Haiti quake was 6.2 miles below the earth surface. Haitian president René Preval said that thousands of people are feared dead following a huge quake which has devastated the country’s capital. Mike Godfrey, an American contractor working from U.S. agency for international development, said that “a huge plume of dust and dust of smoke rose up over the city”.
Some bodies were in the streets because they don’t have some space for the bodies in the cemetery. Some people go to the buildings that were desolated to steal food or water or something for sleep comfortable. People from the entire world go to…