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Document Analysis Worksheet

Primary Purposes for Writing
1. Record Keeping/Formal Documentation? 

Yes, this document is used as a kind of formal document record.
2. Supplying Information? 

Yes, this document is supplying information to the reader. The document is also supplying possible recommended solutions. 

3. Changing Opinion (Persuading)? 

No. There is no persuading in this document.

4.Moving to Action (Persuading to enable decision making) 
 Yes. This document provides possible decision making tools to provide a possible solution.

Secondary Purposes for Writing
1. Creating, maintaining, or improving professional image?
No. In this particular document, a problem has been presented and the individual writing the document is just trying to help shed some light and a possible solution. 

2. Maintaining or improving interpersonal relations, either internally or externally or both? 

Yes. I do feel that no matter who the individual is or the situation that everyone would want to improve relations. No one wants to be hated, especially in the work place. It is all about maintaining relationships and keeping them true. No one wants to be named a liar.
3. Creating, maintaining, or improving a sense of trust or reliability? 

Like mentioned above, no one wants to be called a liar or not be trusted. So with that said, yes, this document was written with an underlying hope that it would improve trust and reliability. Realistically, James Peterson; VP of Omni International will just make a decision of based on his thoughts on the situation. He is not going to take into account all the what-ifs. He is going to make a business decision based on what is best for the company.
Audience(s) Intended for this Document
1. Who are they? (Primary? Secondary)
James Peterson is the VP of Omni International, and one of the decision makers. Joseph Dokes, writer of the document sent to James Peterson is the chair of the committee. Peter Mason is the employee who the document is being written to. He has over twenty-five years’ experience in the field, but has run into some issues over the present time.

2. What positions, biases, attitudes are they likely to have on or toward the subject? 

There are likely to be many different attitudes, and thought towards what is to be done about the current issue at hand. James Peterson we already know is going to side with the