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The advantages of using cell phone
Intermediate C
9/10/13 In my opinion, there are certain advantages I would like to talk about. Using cell phone can help people find a correct way when people were lost. Sometimes you are in trouble, you can call your friends for help. there are also a lot of awesome apps that you can download for your phone. And cell phone included many useful functions. Firstly, cell phone is very useful in normal days. Sometimes you have to go out to buy somethings that are only applied in few stores, however you do not know where the store is. Right now you can open the navigation on your cell phone, then the cell phone will tell your the correct ways to go to that store. A few months ago, my friend told me a restaurant which is near my home and the food is very delicious. I searched the restaurant's address on the Internet, then I walked to that restaurant, however I did not find that restaurant. I was so upset, then I took out my cell phone, open the map. I got my current position and the restaurant position on the map, finally I found the restaurant. Secondly, when you are in some situations, and you do not know what you should do, you can just make a phone call to your friends. For example, sometimes I do not know what the homework on this weekend. Then I always like to make a phone call to my classmates. It's really useful. Thirdly, there are many useful apps on the cell phone. For example, alarm clock which I used everyday,