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Unit 9: Functions
Course Objectives Covered by this Unit * CO8: Apply techniques to write functions in programs.

Unit Learning Outcomes * LO32: Describe the usefulness of functions in computer programs. * LO33: Write functions using pseudocode/flowcharts. * LO34: Differentiate between the various functions created for use in computer programs. * LO35: Write input validation loops and validation functions to check accuracy of input data.

Key Concepts * Structures of functions * Use the library functions * Input validation loops and validation functions

Reading * Gaddis, Chapter 6, “Functions,” pages 217-218 (through Library Functions) and 225-231 (through How to Use Functions) * Gaddis,
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Implement the programming logic in Visual Basic with the following features: * The program can keep track the number of times that the server is pinged by calling the function generateRandom(). * The generateRandom() function will generate a random number between 1 and 20 every 1000 milliseconds for 200 times. * If the random number is 5, then the server will be pinged. * Keep track the number of times the server is pinged and display the count at the end of the program.
Complete Lab 9.2: Programming Challenge: Functions and Visual Basic from the lab manual and submit the following for this lab: * The workable completed Visual Basic code of the program * A sample of workable program output by Visual Basic Console

Estimated Time: 30 minutes
Unit Learning Outcome attached to this activity: LO33
Course Objective supported by this activity: CO8

APPLY Activity 4: Lab 9.3: Input Validation
In-Class Activity, Graded
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