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This report will discuss about the effect of different leadership styles may have on motivation of employees during periods of change, comparing the application of different motivation theories within the workplace and the usefulness of motivation theory for mangers. Nevertheless, also this report will explain the nature of group behavior within organizations and the factors may inhibit the development of effective teamwork in organization.

An organization is a structure that works with a specific culture with a definite purpose. This particular report will look into different leadership styles and the effectiveness of a teamwork in a company and also will compare City College and Enterprice management factors.

2.1 Compare the effectiveness of different leadership styles in different organization

Leadership is managing an organization or a group of people within an organization with a structure of a specific culture. And being a leader is being a mentor and a royal model.
First, getting other to follow is not an easy process if the leader does not display the right attributes. In certain cases, some way of leading style may effect certain organization at the point that their culture and structure might get very strong however, in other cases may be the oppose where the results are more negative rather than positive.
Getting people to do things willingly has more effect in large organization consist of more complex structure and culture and their use of authority in terms of decision making is way more affective.
In some organization the leadership style may vary for certain reasons in which may become more or less effective in the company and its stuff. In some organizations subject are stronger than the others and getting people to do things willingly the leader must show passion to what is being leading and people must see that the leader is truly committed and loyal to the work they do however that might not be the case for some organizations because they luck of certain qualities that make people willing to follow orders.
In some companies the leadership is very important, in others are not so important. Some are motivated and displays good interpersonal behavior and have a great process of communication. Other good leadership involves the effective process of delegation and empowerment a dynamic process. And also some leadership in certain organizations helps to develop teamwork and integration of individuals and group goals.1

2.2 Explain how organization theory underpin the practice of management

Organization theory is as a set of information that a company needs for a smooth constructive run. However here is how it under pin the practice of management. “Learning to theorize is probably more important than learning theories, but learning theories is essential to leaning to theorize. An ancient, most likely Chinese, proverb states: ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for the day. Teach a man to fish he will eat for a life time.’ Organization theory may be full of fish, but its gift is to teach you how to fish for ideas to appreciate, understand, and explain organizations.”2

2.3 Evaluate the different approaches to management used by different organization

1. Development of Management Approaches
Scientific Approach
Bureaucracy Approach
Human Behaviour Approach
Social System Approach
Classical administration Approach
Socio-Technical Systems Approach
Systems Approach
Operational Approach
Decision Theory Approach
Scientific Approach improve economic efficiency, especially labor productivity
It was one of the earliest attempts to apply science to the engineering of processes