Documentary Killing It Softly Essay

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December8, 2014
CWE/Fall 2014
Class: Antropology
Professor: Dr. William Askin
Daby Fernandez
Summary and reaction to the video killing us softly

Killing us softly is a documentary that narrates how the media and the different companies tried to persuade customers to buy their products using inappropriate techniques such as: Sex, domestic violence and denigration to both women and men and also children. The worst scenario is that regardless the complaints against these ‘poor advertisement’ the problem continues, probably not in an obvious way, but in an abstract style to continue this inappropriate tactic of selling products.
When the guest speaker was talking besides her tremendous sense of humor, It kind of hurts so much when I saw that even children are victims of this ‘poor advertisement’ for profit. Women and men are also being an object here, but when it comes to children it hurts more because of their innocence and their naïve thinking or mentality. One of the advertisements that really touched me was the one where this young model(Teenager)was posing for Calvin Klein and the photographer told her to unbutton her pants more. That could be one of thousands that go thru the same kind of sexual harassment. This is probably a problem that many nations have, but regardless the ‘demand’ for certain products people as consumers need to raise their voices against this ‘poor advertisement’ that at the end of the day is only denigrating women, men and children. The problematic