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Documentary Report
The documentary approach that I have used was a cross between an interactive approach and an explanatory approach. The reason why I have chosen to use both approaches is so that elements from each approach are used to clearly demonstrate the meaning and purpose behind “Tsunami Survivors” the documentary.
The interactive approach demonstrates visual evidence that is used to add credibility through the amount of interviews throughout the documentary that was used. The film maker is seen on screen as the interviewee and is very interactive with the subject to make obvious the feelings that are transferred through the conversation and also visually. Throughout each interview displayed within the documentary there is a balance of respect with both the subject and filmmaker openly acknowledging each other.
I chose elements from this approach because it shows it is reliable because of the visual evidence this is used to support the oral history of the following Tsunami survivors in the documentary. The use of music I have chosen allows the viewer to feel a deep connection of the hurt and suffering that the people affected by this natural disaster had to go through. The type of music and sound that I have selected is a combination of natural sounds that the ocean gives off and the noise of people talking. The music I have chosen is very calm and soothing to the ear to not distract the viewer from what is happening on the screen but to be captured into the emotion displayed through each interview.
In the documentary, scene 2 I used mid shot and eye level shot of the interviewee to get a better understanding from a person who has experienced a tsunami and know the background information of one. I have chosen to use a Japanese woman’s voice to explain the impact that had taken place in 2011 in Japan to the country and the people. I also wanted the viewer to develop an understanding for the views to see the major changes that have taken place since a Tsunami and how people have to cope with family members that are deceased.
The other approach that I have briefly used is an explanatory approach to showcase to the world as definitive and has a voice of