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Zach Huerta
Stegner, period 2
15 September 2013
Dodgers Baseball What team is the best in the mlb? Are the dodgers a contender for the World Series? What makes the dodgers the best team? Not only are the dodgers my favorite team I believe they are the most exciting team to watch. Due to their incredible pitching and powerful offense, the Dodgers claim to be the best team in the mlb. There aren’t any teams besides the dodgers that have both aspects of the game of baseball going for them like the dodgers do, they have both pitching and hitting, making them the favorite for the world series. When you have a winning team people always overlook the pitching staff and do not give them enough credit. The dodgers have a dynamic pitching staff that can lead a team to the World Series. “The pitcher has to find out if the hitter is timid. And if the hitter is timid, he has to remind the hitter he's timid” (Donald Scott Drysdale, Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher).The leader of that staff is CY young winner Clayton Kershaw. Leading the league in earned run average with a 1.94 era, Kershaw is looking at another CY young winning season. As a team, the dodgers have a 3.29 era, which is fantastic for a team. They also lead the league in strikeouts with 1,171. With a pitching g staff like this, the dodgers will have far run in the playoffs hoping to make it back to the World Series since 1988. Along with having a great pitching staff you need a powerful offense to be successful. Looking back at all the great teams in history, they always have a great offense. The dodgers excel in that category. The dodgers first 7 batters in their lineup have all been selected as an all-star sometime in their career. At the beginning of the season, the dodgers got off to a rocky start with…