Does Argumentative Essay: Do We Have Language Barrier?

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Language barrier prevents immigrants from getting necessities and resources needed to be considered member of the American society. Everyday task could be a tremendous struggle for an individual that is not familiar with the laws, rules and procedures of that particular state. Simple things such as: obtaining a driver’s license, applying for a bank loan, preparing for a job interview, reading the menu at a restaurant, writing a check to pay the light bill and so on. As Americans we may find this a something that can be handle with a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for these individuals whom lack the ability to not only speak English but let alone read or understand the language. Even though the government offers assistance …show more content…
However, for many immigrants without language skills, all their techniques, skills and experiences do not count, not because they do not know what to do or how to do the work, but just because they have language barrier issues. I believe that something has to be done to address the issues that these innocent individuals are facing against their will. They deserve to be treated equally, regardless of where they come from. It is unethical to have these individuals come into a land where they come seek refuge and then come out abused. America is supposed to be a safe haven for anyone in need of security. With that in mind, there are ways we should go about making the transition easy for immigrants. In what ways can we address this problem of language being a barrier that will hinder immigrants from accessing housing and career options. I believe we can solve this challenge by working with one another. Americans should consider possibly learning a second language. I am suggesting learning a language outside of English because it would make communicating with other groups much