Does Australia Need A Bigger Population Essay

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Does Australia need a bigger population?

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The Issue 4
Background to the Debate 4
Key Participants 4
For 4
Against 4
Different Opinions 5
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Against 5
Introduction 6
The Issue and the background to the debate 6
The participants 7
The different opinions 7
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Arguments against 8
Conclusion 9
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The Issue
Does Australia need a bigger population?
Background to the Debate
Pop  by 1.7%
Some demographers concerned w the ability of the nation to fill/defend the land mass.
Immigration + 228,000 peoplecities overcrowded.
Ageing pop impact share market  ppl pay for equities.
Pressure of stock of infrastructure and housing, productivity and living standards 
Only 6% of AU land is arable
Govt → immigration 
Poor harvests / higher costs poor farmers migrate to cities for work.
Key Participants
Australian Politicians e.g. Kevin Rudd
Australia Bureau of Statistic’ (ABS)
The Business Council of Australia.
Industry leaders e.g. Richard Pratt (Visy Industries)
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
Reserve Bank of AUS
Australia Bureau of Statistic’ (ABS)
Demographers e.g.(who don’t agree with population growth)
Many experts e.g.( the London School of Economics)
Peter Howat (work for Public Health Association of Australia)
Australian Cities report by the Federal govt in 2010.
Professor Jim Van, 2009 Lancet paper
Professor Bruce Armstrong and colleagues(Medical Journal of Australia; online, November 2007)
Different Opinions
Economic  requires perpetual pop.
Popa larger market.
Economy 3.3% per year in 1990s1.5% contribute by population.
Labor shortages
Pop easy way of selling/services
Pop  more innovative efficient in use resources / energy.
Delay the costs of an ageing population by new blood.
The inadequacy of our schools/hospitals/transport system/housing/water shortages/ spiraling land prices.
Strain on the natural environment, environmental degradation, water scarcity /pollution, difficult for AU to reduce carbon footprint /meet international pollution reduction targets.
Mel's green wedges /native wildlife habitat;
Popresults in quality /availability.
Popbad effect on the physical health of children/ poorer families/other vulnerable groups.
Populationmeans that the rates of obesity / asthma.

The purpose of this report is to explain the issue of Australia needs more people or not. First of all, there will be the background to debate by the nation statistics. Then the report will list the participants who are involved in the debate. Furthermore, the different opinions related to the issue will be shown particularly and the summary of different opinions will be presented at the end of report.
The Issue and the background to the debate
Nowadays, Australia’s high rate of population is placing increasing pressure on the pre-existing stock of infrastructure and housing, which reduces productivity and living standards. (Leith, 2013). In addition, poor harvests and higher costs lead many poor farmers to migrate to cities to look for work (Peter & Melissa, 2010).Our population grew by 1.7% 2012 (Genevieve, 2013). Immigration added 228,000 people to Australia’s population 2012, or 60% of our growth. (Genevieve, 2013). However, some demographers concerned with the ability of the nation to fill and defend the land mass (Genevieve, 2013). What is more, only about 6% of Australian land is suitable for crops (Peter & Melissa, 2010). Recently, the Australia government conceded of the economics of Australia. Ageing population impact share market less people pay for equities. In consequence, they persuade more people immigrate to Australia for keeping economy growing, so it the debate is arisen. (Matthew, 2012).
The participants
The issue of Australia needs more people or not impacts most on the citizen in Australian who are worried about strain on environmental