Does Daycare Breed Bullies Essay

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Child care has been a priority choice of many parents recent years. Mothers would rather go out for work and sent their child to daycare center than stay at home look after their child base on financial problems, psychological stress or any other reason. Early Child Care study is an important study to understand a child growing process. Many countries spend much effort in the study to ensure their future generation grow up in healthy and happiness. Early Child Care study can be started with children's habit, emotional, intellectual, language development and also the family environment.

The Early Child Care study conducted by NICHD show the link between daycare and bullies. It really scared those parents who have no choice to send their
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Research could be focused on the reason of parents send their children for daycare, the relationship between parents and the family financial status. These are the important element that might cause influence to the children behaviour.

Although earlier U.S. studies using this method tried to control for parent and family characteristics such as income and education, mental health and intelligence. The method leaves open the possibility that differences between families in areas other than child care choices are, in fact, the true causes of behavior problems. Everyone are different in our appearance, temparament, behaviour, habit etc. While all this characteristic is hard to define and so on influence the result of the experiment. Early Child Care study should also included these uncertainty to make the studies more accurately.

On the other hand, the quality of care should also be included in the follow-up study. Children are more sensative with the environment and people. The care they received might affect their point of view towards the world and so on affect their manners and behaviour.

After seeing all studies and effect of daycare, if you ask me whether it is better for a parent stay at home or to work, my answer would be YES. I think it is better for parents to stay at home with their children than sending them for daycare. Children are in the progress of mind growing, what has been seen or contact by them may easily absorb by them. So, with