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“Does evil exist and if it does, is this a problem?”
It has been universally accepted that evil exists in this world. Whether it be moral evil or natural evil, many people blame the ‘force’ for their misfortune. A reason for this is that religious believers, such as Christians, believe that the devil is the root of said evil and therefore make him liable for anything bad that happens to them. Christians believe that the reason for evil existing in the world is due to human beings being born with original sin due to Eve eating the forbidden fruit In the Garden of Eden. By believing in the devil, Christians are assigning evil to the form of a being to help them better understand why the world is not at peace. By making evil a being, it allows Christians to escape punishment from their actions which then creates problems. Problems are created as people could be evil to one another, and then simply blame it on this being. Many people see this as wrong as it means that exceptions are made for religious believers simply due to their religion. An example of this would be a student in school slapping his fellow student, blaming it on the devil, and escaping punishment due to the school respecting his beliefs.
Also, evil is a problem due to the effects it has on individuals. Due to the deficiency or morals, people will act in a manner which shows that there is no normal functioning in their moral compass. Individuals such as Hitler are example of ‘evil’ figures who have existed on this earth. The Holocaust is one of mankind’s greatest failures of being ‘good’ people due to the hundreds of deaths that occurred and the effects it had after. It can be suggested that Hitler had a loss of empathy or ‘empathy erosion’, making him socially isolated which made him display more cruelty than those higher up on the empathy scale.
Moreover, some people do not see evil existing in the world as concise as