Does Hamlet Love Ophelia

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Hamlet’s Love for Ophelia After reading Shakespear’s “Hamlet”, I feel like everyone should be a little confused on the fact of if Hamlet actually loves Ophelia. Does he? Or does he just “love” her when he needs someone there for him or just in the moment? I think love is a hard thing to justify. Is love a feeling, or is love a choice? Is it only called love if you only see the person once a day or every few days, or only if you see and talk to them all day, everyday? Love is indecribeable to a lot of people. Everyone has their own views on the was love works and feels. I feel that no one could really say if Hamlet “loves” Ophelia or not. He could say he does but feel like he doesn’t and that could still be called love. I have no certain choice on if Hamlet loves Ophelia or not. I feel that love is between the couples and not of anyone else’s worries. So what is the answer? Does Hamlet love Ophelia, or not? …show more content…
Love can come and go. Some argue that Hamlet’s love fo Ophelia never changed, but I can argue that that love is always changing so I cannot say that I agree with that statement. I believe that Hamlet’s love for Ophelia is always changing, just like any old love in thw whole world. Sometinmes when you have been with someone for a while you feel like the love is lost or not there. But sometimes that can just be in the moment and once you clear your mind you realize how much you actually love them. Love is always changing so I would conclude that Hamlet’s love for Ophelia would change as