Does Henry Viii Have Cte Summary

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A king, who had increasingly erratic behavior later in life, executed two of his wives. He has been the subject in books like, "Wolf Hall" and "The Six Wives of Henry VIII." Researchers now suspects that he may have suffered from CTE, a brain disease that happens after numerous brain injuries. A lot of professional football players have suffered from CTE as a result of playing football.

Henry the VIII's strange mood swings, memory loss and temper tantrums were the stories of legend. Now Yale neurologist Dr. Arash Salardini argues that Henry VIII had CTE. Salardini wrote a clinic paper last week publicizing the research. What evidence suggests that Henry VIII may have had CTE? Because Henry loved to joust, the sport often involved multiple head collisions that were similar to how the impact takes place in the NFL. In the 1520s, Henry VIII suffered at least two major brain injuries. In 1524, a lance pierce the visor of Henry's helmet, which dazed him. In 1525, he had been knocked out cold as a result of attempting to vault over a creek. It was met with total failure, however, when he landed head-first into the stream.

Henry VIII suffered an even more serious brain injury in 1536. As a result of a horse falling
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One of the aspects that this English Monarch was most known for was his anger against the Catholic Church because of divorcing the wife of his first marriage, Catherine of Aragon. As a result of Henry's desire for Ann Boleyn, Henry served as a catalyst for the English Reformation. Before the end of Henry's lifetime, he married six times and two of the six wives were executed. In 1546, Henry assured his final wife that he would not imprison her in the Tower of London. Nevertheless, the soldiers arrested her, and when he found out, Henry's rage was horrific against his soldiers because of how he forgot he giving his own