Does Money Buy Happiness? Essay

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Does money buy happiness? I thought it is interesting reading in this chapter the author mentioned that in 1975 35% of surveyed in the United States reported being happy compared to 34% of people surveyed reported being happy in the United States in 2004. This proves that with all the technology and increase of wealth do not make people happier. My mom constantly reminds me that “Health is your Wealth, not necessary Wealth is your Health.” Money doesn’t always buy you happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe that money is up there with oxygen and we can live without it. But from my own experience, I find myself mentally happier now that I am living from paycheck to paycheck compares to when I was married and had plenty of money. I am very grateful for everything I have right now.
I agree with the argument made by Marsh Dermer and his colleagues about comparing ourselves with those who are better of creates envy, so counting our blessings as we compare ourselves with those less well off boosts our contentment. I am ashamed to admit that I had personally experienced both. I recall when I was married and better off and living in the Long Island suburbs. My ex-husband and I had constantly comparing ourselves, our cars, our yards, our house, and our kids with our neighbors. It was hard to keep up with the “Jones”. Being homeless after the divorce, I witness and experienced what it’s like to be on the bottom of the social ladder. I had become humble and start to count my blessings because there are many others that have it worse than myself. It could be worst for me.
I agree and take to heart about the Close-up chart on “How to be Happier”. Through