Does President Kennedy Deserve A Heroic Status In The Crisis

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Does President Kennedy deserve a heroic status in the crisis?
President Kennedy deserved a heroic status in the crisis because he was the only one who supported the blockade from the beginning, which he continued to promote despite opposition from the military, which hadn’t been done since the crisis began. There was a lot of flip- flopping and not enough decision making as to what to do during the crisis. The decision to create the blockade helped create a solution in which Khrushchev and the Soviet Union did not feel as if they had been dealt a bad hand. Had any of the other decisions been taken, the relations between the US and the rest of the world may have been bitter. The blockade not only helped calm tensions, but it also helped the United States keep an eye on the missiles being sent in and out of Russia. Although information has come to light that Kennedy and his administration may not have known as much as they thought about how many weapons and where they were, based on the information that Kennedy did know he made some very strategic moves.
Was the Cuban Missile Crisis a global crisis?
The Cuban Missile Crisis was definitely a global crisis. Had it resulted in the least desired scenario, the world would have entered a war of the worst cataclysm. This would have been because of the weaponry involved, which would cause devastating effects to the two world super powers at the time, the United States, which could have also resulted in the “end of civilization”. Politically had either side made a strike the relations between nations may have been very different. This was one of the first times that the world had entered a war in which no one knew exactly what actions to take that would not result in catastrophe, everyone was going by chance. Had either side made slightly different moves, the global political atmosphere may have been very different. For instance, not only would the United States, Cuba and the Soviet Union have absolutely no ties, the entire