Does The New Work Rule Violate Section 8 (1) Of The NLRA?

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MGMT2120 Tramell Andersonlgn Hypothetical Scenarios
16. Does the new work rule violate Section 8(a)(1) of the NLRA? Would it make a difference if the employer adopted the rule because it was aware that the employees had been discussing joining a union? Explain. Yes, the new work rule violates section 8a1 of the NLRA and it wouldnt matter because employer surveillance of employee activities, or even creating the impression that the employees are under surveillance, also violates section 8a1 because such a practice has a natural tendency to restrict the fee exercise of the employees' section 7 rights.
17. How should the NLRB rule on his complaint? Explain. The NLRB should rule with Groceries-R-Us because Gonzales got a little to violate