Does Us Economic Inequality Have A Good Side Essay

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I will be informing you the main things I learned throughout taking this course which was very valuable and important information, that I can take on later in my career and daily life. The first article I will be summarizing the Interview “Does U.S. Economic Inequality Have a Good Side?”. The second paragraph I will be critiquing and giving my opinions on how to make it a better interview. The third paragraph I will be stating whose side I am on and what I believe based on personal experiences and how each person supports their arguments. The fourth paragraph I relate the interview to the material I learned throughout this class. The last paragraph is my conclusion paragraph and I will briefly go over the essay and point out the important and …show more content…
Economic Inequality Have a Good Side?” and is mainly about whether or not inequality has a good side or not. From reading the conversation between Richard Epstein and Paul Solman from what I understood, I believe Richard Epstein does believe there is a good side to inequality. He actually said “inequality creates an incentive for people to produce and create wealth, it’s a wonderful force for innovation” he also stated “If you let people go through voluntary transactions that produce mutual gains you will increase overall welfare, you will improve the position of those on the bottom. But increased overall welfare will produce greater skews and income because in a world with genuine opportunities you will create billionaires.” Which are both positive things about inequality. Paul Solman is more against inequality from what I read. Paul made a comment that suggests he against inequality which was “In the period in which the American economy grew most vigorously the United States had higher marginal rates, much higher, higher capital gains rate, and more prosperity and greater economic equality” which was actually incorrect according to Richard. They also go in depth on tax rates and how it affects our economy and also a little bit about