Essay Does Your Husband Have a Rediculous Obsession

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Does Your Husband Have a Ridiculous Obsession?

Sometimes I think my husband was conceived just to become a mechanic. Seriously, my husband has tools for cars, truck, diesels and tractors. He has several different tool boxes, with several different types of draws in them. I am pretty sure if they made tools to fix in-laws, he would own them too! Each tool has its specific spot. Each tool is cleaned and put away neatly after each use. If one tool breaks, it is quickly replaced with a new one. If there is a new tool that just came available, he would buy it. He chose to buy thousands of dollars’ worth of tools over buying me a wedding set. I call that an obsession. I think he may have a love for his tools like no other love.
I am just the opposite; I have no idea what tool is what. I don’t know what they are used for and frankly I don’t care where they go as long as they are not in my way. If I need tools, I only get what I need for the project I am working on. I suppose he would like to be buried with them if there is room. Instead of me touching his tools and risking my sanity, I just have him do the project for me. God forbid if I touch his tools. He knows exactly where he put each one, if they are out of place, he will throw a hissy fit. With all things being said, he loves his tools just as much as he loves me, if not more. That is good because at least I know he loves me and I rank right up there with his tools. I suppose this would be the same as my dishes, well, not quite. I have a certain place for them and a certain kind of dish I use. I don’t buy the latest and greatest. I don’t replace one dish when one breaks, I replace them all. I only have one set of dishes. I do have different appliances for different…