Does Your Race Form Your Identity? Essay

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Question: Does your race form your identity? Race does form the identity of a person. It really does matter whether you are Negro, white or any other race. During the late 1900s the race that really matter were the Negros. If you were a Negro (not necessarily looking like one) you were automatically considered bad. Being a Negro did not just mean that you had colored skin, and a slang accent when you talk, on the contrary you could look completely white and have no slang accent in the way you talk. But as long as you were a Negro you were considered bad. No matter what race you are born into is how you are referred to. A person’s race becomes his/her identity and that is how people know that person. On the contrary many people might say that race does not form the identity of a persona. They can say that you knowledge and beauty is what forms your identity. But these things look perfect in a dream because we all know that in reality that is not how things work. In reality a person’s race does form their identity? A person’s race not only forms their identity but also plans out the life the person and put certain exceptions. An example would be when in the article called “Say Yes” by Tobias Wolff, the wife asked her husband “That I’m black, but still me and we fall in love. Will you marry?” The part of race comes in when the husband says “We don’t want to do something we would regret for the rest of our lives” but after the wife asks the same question the husband just says “No”. According to the husband people of different race have different culture and two people from the different race can never live a happy life together. They would have completely different culture, and expectations which will lead to problems in the couple’s life and cause the two people to get divorce and separate. According the husband “most of those marriages breakup” “(Wolff) which is why he believes that two people from different race should never get married to each and destroy their lives. Another example where the race of a person forms their identity would be in Imitations of Life which is about a girl named Sarah Jane whose parents are Negro. Sarah Jane from no perspective looks like a Negro but since her parents are Negros she still has to suffer. There are many examples in which Sarah Jane’s race caused many problems for her. One example would be when she had to face a big embarrassment in her class as a little girl when everybody in her class found out that she was the daughter of a Negro making her a negro. Was it her fault that she was born as a Negro. There are many things in nature that are just not in our hands then why are people blamed for them. We are not responsible for the race we are born into. Another example from the same movie would when Sarah Jane’s broke up with her after beating her really badly when he found out that she is not the race he expected her to be but instead she is a Negro. This proves that your looks have no importance when you are the race people expect you to be. If you look white but are Negro as in the case of Sarah Jane then you are still looked down upon. Race places a big role in the way people look at you. The movie The Human Stain would be another example where race plays a huge role in forming the life of a person. Coleman is the son of a Negro couple who both have very light skin and are both well educated. Coleman faced a lot of hardship just because he was a Negro. Coleman did not look like a Negro but still he was which created a lot of problems for him in his life. An example of the time where he faced hardship because of his race was when he wanted to apply