Dog and Dogs daily Routine Essay

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Before I go eat my chocolate and watch a movie I want to point out a few things for people who may not know.

When you are looking to adopt a dog there are some things you should look out for and ask of any rescue group if they cant answer your questions maybe look elsewhere.

First ask their quarantine procedures. Dogs need to be quarantined for illness when they come from a pound. Incubation period on most illnesses are 10 days to 2 weeks so the dog should be held onto at least 2 weeks to make sure they are healthy and will not be sick and pass anything to other dogs.

Ask where the dog has been living and how they are with people, other dogs, if they have any training or behavioral issues. Every rescue should be able to tell you this. Even rescues who have dogs in kennels should be able to tell you this if they spend time with the dogs. If you ask a question and they cant answer ask them why they don't know. Do not assume that just because a rescue has a dog in a kennel that they don't know their dogs I know a lot of rescues have kenneled dogs and they can answer every question you might have.

Ask the dogs daily routine, what he is fed and what toys he likes. Again a rescue should be able to tell you these things if they are unsure then the dog is not going to be able to be placed properly and they should be holding onto the dog longer to get to know the dog better so that it can be properly placed.

Ask how many dogs they have in care and how many