Dog and Puppy Named Lola Essay

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Man’s Best Friend
“Kids, come downstairs”! That was the first thing I heard when my parents came home from the grocery store. I wondered why they needed us to come downstairs and what they needed to tell us. I was hoping that it was good news because my day was not going too good. As my siblings and I headed downstairs, we saw our parents sitting on the couch, with serious faces on. Then, they proceeded to ask us if we wanted a pet. “I want a puppy”, I suggested. My mother mentioned that she also wanted a dog. Nobody in my family was against having a dog, so we started to think about what breed we wanted, and think of names for the new addition to our family. The first thing that my mom suggested we do, was to decide if we wanted a girl or a boy dog. My mom and brother wanted a girl. On the other hand my dad and sister wanted a boy. It was up to me to break the tie. I felt tense. Everyone was looking at me to see what would be my answer. “Ummmm a girl one”, I quickly said. I did not like all the pressure on me. The next thing on the agenda was to look online at the different breeds of dogs. We saw Labradors, Pugs, Huskies, Shih Tzu’s, etc. I was a big fan of the Shih Tzu’s because they were so small and so adorable. After a couple hours of browsing the web, we all got dressed to go out to the pet adoption center, and look for dogs ourselves. It seemed like it took forever to get there. But I think it was just the anticipation of getting a dog that made the trip seem longer than it really was. We finally pulled up to the parking lot of the adoption center, and by then, I had the biggest smile on my face. I was so excited. As we inch closer to the doors or the center, I start to smell a strange odor. I was a combination of wet dogs, and cat urine. It was the most disgusting smell I ever witnessed. The family and I walked up to the front desk and asked to just look around in the dog section. There was a lady there, named Stacy that helped us to the area where they kept the dogs. She pointed out a Golden Labrador Retriever puppy named Lola. She was really cute. She gave us some quick tips on how to care for her and things to expect when she became an adult. It was then when we found out that Lola was not going to stay small. That made us move on with finding the perfect dog for our family. The next dog we saw was a Dalmatian. This Dalmatian was named Angel. Angel was a very active and playful dog. The only problem was that it would have taken a long time to get her trained to going to the bathroom outside. Stacy, the employee, informed us that they have been trying to train her for the past year and a half, but Angel did not seem to get the hang of things. Which made us continue on our journey to finding the right one for us. After going through most of the dogs that were in the center, we finally came to this adorable American Cocker-Spaniel. She did not have a name at the time because she had only been there for a couple days. This cocker-spaniel