Dog Fight over Tough Laws Essay

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In the newspaper article, “Dog fight over tough laws”, the writer who called Pia Akerman claims that the people are threaten by the human life, government should to enhance the tougher laws that to ensure the people are safety outside. In a very serious and critical tone he claims that government should to find the solutions and improve the laws right now!
Pia Akerman, is critical of the dog fight and claims that politician need to improve the laws more effective to manage the dangerous dog. For giving the example, “Ayen was killed by the dangerous dog”, uses of the anecdotal to argue that the dangerous dogs have no control to attack the people. Mostly, the reader will be agree with that because the dangerous dog will lead to attack the people so painful even die in the accident. Moreover, for giving the example “Why has it got to this?” uses of the rhetorical question to assert that government need to be honest to ensure that people will not attack by the aggressive dog like the girl who killed by dog. The readers will response by this because of the ‘killer dogs’ are actually influence to the human life.
Furthermore, he claims that the pit bulls are absolutely dangerous and it shouldn’t breed to the family dogs. For giving the example, “Is it even possible?” he uses of the rhetorical question to argues that the veterinarian are not agree with that the breed pit bulls out of existence within a decade. The readers will responses by that the pit bulls are exactly dangerous to the people. Moreover, by giving the example, “Five breed of dogs are automatically deemed restricted in Australia.” , he uses of the…