Dog Memorial Reflection

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Upon immediate reflection, I think it was nice that to have a unique interpretation of the war by an actual Vietnam veteran. He spoke with a patriotic tone which was a juxtaposition to the dismissive textbook. For instance, one of the more memorable things he said was how once the men were in combat, racial barriers were thrown out the window. Compare this to the textbook which for some reason included an entire subsection on how blacks separated themselves from whites and were occasionally mutinous. Our tour guide seemed very earnest and maintained a positive outlook on the war which, for me, was very refreshing. As for the museum layout itself, there are a few things I would have changed. I thought that there was an absurd amount of words for each picture on the wall. I literally became mildly upset after …show more content…
I think more often than not we forget about the animals the fight in all theaters of war, and I really appreciated how they depicted it. While horses are no longer used in combat today, dogs are frequently used and should not be shortchanged, and it was nice to see that the memorial accurately remembered their service in the war. In fact, the usage of dogs in Vietnam was previously unknown to me, and I can only assume that their services were vital to military success of the American combatants. The dog statue served to enhance this idea and thus was my favorite statue at the entire memorial.
I also found it interesting when the tour guide discussed his PTSD, specifically remembering how he said that he could not have given this tour 30 years ago. It was interesting because he seemed like an overall controlled person who did not seem damaged in any way. It makes you wonder the real extent of PTSD and how many people simply just hide it and push it away into their self-consciousness. Moreover, it was thought-provoking on how he called these tours a sort of therapy session to ease his