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Luke Naoumovitch
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Poe Lives On!

Poe was a very influential man in literature. He influenced people around the world with his newly introduced fiction detective stories. His writing style popularized the macabre. Poe wrote about big factors in his life including alcohol, women, and death. Even though Poe’s works shaped American literature today, he didn’t get nearly enough respect as deserved. He was only paid about fourteen dollars for “The Raven” because he made the mistake of posting the poem in the newspaper so a lot of people already had a copy of it. His stories were some of the first to include narrators who they themselves were insane. Much of Poe’s writings came from past tragedies he had experienced in his life, including the death of many young, beautiful women. Edgar Allan Poe perseveres and “lives on” after death through his impact on literature and pop culture. Poe changed the world of literature in many ways. D.C acknowledges Poe’s scary mood and tone through one of their comic series entitled, “Batman: Nevermore.” On a few of the covers we get to see Poe and the dark surroundings he conveys. This Evidence shows that over the years, Poe has influenced many pieces of literature. His influence is rubbing off on the modern day culture as well. Poe will always have a part in literature in the years to come. In the article, “Poe’s Poetry” by the National Endowment of the Arts, the author states, “His poems remain popular inside and outside and outside the classroom, and are assured a place inside and outside the minds of readers forevermore.” This quotation shows that Poe is a huge influence in reader’s minds forever. Poe has also changed the way authors write. Poe’s impact on literature was very large because he changed the lives of humans forever. Poe has changed pop culture in many circumstances throughout the years. In the article, “City Lore; Fear! Dread! Torment! Why Poe’s Fans are Obsessive” by Jim O’Grady, the author states, “Appeals to save Poe House have come from places as distant as Singapore and Sweden, some 20 countries in all…” This quotation proves how Poe is a big influence on people all around the world. Wherever you live, you are bound to find Poe fans that are obsessive. In the article, “ Pop Culture’s