Doghouse: Frank Sinatra and Good Graces Essay

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3 Strikes and I’m out Every man that is in a relationship knows that we have a fine line that we have to walk in order to avoid the metaphorical dog house. Each and every relationship has its own particular causes but, the effect derived are similar. While there are a number of things that I can do to find myself on the outside of my fiancé’s good graces, these are a few that are unique to my relationship. While I am a morning person my fiancé Keri does not share my enthusiasm in the a.m. hours. On those mornings that I feel like pressing my luck I like to put Frank Sinatra on the radio and crank up the volume. This would not bother her as bad, nor get me into near as much trouble if I didn’t insist on sing and dancing in the bedroom until she agrees to wake up and have coffee with me. I will admit as this will get Keri pretty irritated at me and also why I don’t do it but every once in a while. Another one of the things that really upsets her at me is when she finds her good towels and wash clothes in my garage being used as grease rags. Keri believes that I do this on purpose and out of spite. To be honest I never remember taking any of them out of the house and can only assume that I take them out of the house and into my shop without ever giving any second thought to it. The good thing about this is that she normally doesn’t go looking for the towels daily, so normally once she notices the towels are missing I have already stock piled enough of them in my shop to land me on the couch for a few days. It also means that I don’t have to worry about getting into trouble for it a couple times a month at most. Which might explain why I don’t worry about this one as much. Of the three situations that I chose this last one is the one that I do most often, and is also one that I would say a lot of other men out there share in this problem with