Essay on Dogman's Road of Trails

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Ziyu Zhu
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Hero Story

Dogman's Road of Trials

Dogman moaned and reached to turn off the irritating alarm. He hate to get out of his warm bed and into the cold air, even though he has lots of hair to protect him from the cold. He blinked, shut his eyes for a while, and fully opened his eyes again. “Oh shoot, I'm late for work!” he cursed. He quickly put on his shirt and pants, and ran to the bathroom, knocking a expensive lamp and shattering it on the ground. He quickly washed his face and combed his hair, and ran out to his car.

You would be confused that he is not a dog. Well, he is not. His neighbors call him that because he has tons of hair grown on his body, and he also talks like a dog. They always tell him to shave his mustache and chest hair. He just rolls his eyes. Dogman just got hired to work at a local Animal Abuse Prevention in a animal shelter yesterday. “It would not be a good day to get fired,” he thought.

When he arrived, he saw lights flashing. It was the police officers. He got out of his car and ran to the front entrance. The police were surrounding the building. “Oh, I am not late, I am really early. It's not opening hour.” “What's happening here?” he asked impatiently. “Someone broke in and sacked this place,” a police officer said. “I don't know why because they have nothing they would take, except the cash.” “Would you expect the person to take hold of all the pets?” “Maybe? How would he do that? He would need a lot of space for the cages.” He tried to get in. “Hey, hey, it's not safe to go in there right now,” the officer said. He rolled his eyes, not a divine feeling to wait here. “Didn't they already capture him?” “We'll wait here until he comes out. We could wait here for days if we need to.”

When no one was looking, he slowly sneaked into the building through the broken glass window. Inside was devoid of light and activity. Light from outside cast eerie shadows on the walls through the windows. He was shocked when he saw all the cages were open. He continued walking blindly forward the dimly lit hall. He couldn't help but had a premonition of imminent bomb explosion set off near him. He reached the end of the hall and a back door was slightly opened. Dogman leaned his head out and looked.
He saw the animals in the car trunk. They wined and fainted helplessly. All of a sudden, a man sneaked up behind him and jumped, knocking Dogman to the ground. The force was so strong it broke his back. The man held down Dogman's neck and blew his face with heavy punches. “Get out of my face, you moron!” Dogman said in a hatred voice. ”What was that for?” Dogman bellowed angrily. Dogman sat up, spitting out the blood. “Does that hurt?” the man said, a mocking smile crossing him face. “I hope so. Seems like you want to ruin my secret scheme, don't you?” “Let those pets go!” “No can do sir,” the man said, smiling. Dogman hoisted himself up quickly despite the pain in his back and punched. He was too late. The man got out his pistol in a blink of an eye and shot Dogman's leg. Dogman stumbled to the ground, lying vulnerably on the ground. He yelled in vast pain like a pig being slaughtered. Then man climbed back into his car and drove off. The man, named Donovan, is a noxious criminal. He has been wanted for two years, and recently escaped prison. He is wanted for several crime, like robbery, murdering a police officer, and animal abuse. Now he is running away from police.

Dogman tried to stand up, but reeled and toppled over on his back. The intense pain lagged in his leg. The pain didn't want to go away. Few minutes later, a police officer came through the back door.

”The man drove off with a black van,” he said The police officer radioed for a pursuit. He turned to Dogman. “What were you thinking?” “You don't understand!” “I cannot revere you, and nobody else should. You just let him escape!” the…