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Canine Registration Applications are used to apply for Registration in the following circumstances:

1.Dogs which are currently registered with another recognized kennel club may be registered by completing the CKC Canine Registration Application, making a copy of the other kennel club’s Registration papers, and sending them to Continental Kennel Club’s Registration office with the proper Registration fee, or

2. Dogs over 6 months of age which have no previous Registration history may be registered by providing 2 witness signatures attesting to the purebred status of the dog along with 3 photos (front, left and right) of the dog to confirm it is ‘of proper breed type’ as defined by our current CKC Registration Rules and Regulations.Canine Registration Applications are available in PDF format from our web site. (click here to download it now)

Kennel Registration Application
The kennel registration application can be completed if you have 8 or more dogs to be registered with CKC at one time. Please remember to include CKC numbers of the dam and sire, copies of a recognized club's papers, or three photographs along with witness signatures for each dog being registered. When registering ten or more dogs at one time in the same person's name you will only pay a standard registration fee of $5.00 per dog.Kennel Registration Applications are available in PDF format from our web site. (click here to download it now)

Standard Registration
You must complete a Registration Application and return it to the Continental Kennel Club Registration office along with the Registration fee to have your dog certified and entered into the registry. The Standard Registration fee for a single dog is currently $15.00 per dog. The $15.00 fee ensures unique Registration in CKC’s canine database and identifies the owner as a CKC club member. After Registration, your dog will be eligible to participate in CKC Performance Events and accumulate points toward championship titles in the various CKC Performance Competitions sponsored. An official CKC Registration certificate, bearing the Continental Kennel Club official seal, will be mailed to you upon the completion of the Registration of your dog.

Registration with Photo ID Card

For those who want a more personal touch on their Registration papers, we have the Picture Registration service. If you choose this service, your dog will be registered in the same manner as described for the Standard Registration. In addition, your dog’s picture will be included on the Registration certificate.Your certificate will also be accompanied by a wallet-sized laminated Photo ID Card for quick identification of your dog at CKC Performance Events. Since many animal shelters require proof of ownership before an owner can claim his lost dog, the Photo ID Card serves as an excellent tool to provide you with proof of ownership should you find yourself and your canine friend in a jam. You must supply a good quality photo for this service.

Certified Pedigrees (3 or 4 generation) - $15.00
Continental Kennel Club issues certified pedigrees for 3 or 4 generations of ancestry on most CKC registered dogs. A pedigree may be ordered at the time of Registration of your dog or at a later date. Pedigrees may be updated with ancestral information from other registry organizations within a year of purchase of a CKC pedigree for your dog, at no additional cost. Background Information Form

Certified Pedigrees (5 generation) -