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Compare & Contrast Essay: Careers -Physician vs. Police Officer
There are various careers which can be attained through the course of one's journey through post secondary studies. Two careers which are both compelling and fulfilling would be being a police officer and a doctor. Both of these careers may seem as if they diverge in their fields but yet they both involve helping and serving, protecting society and becoming role models for the general population. The main objectives of a doctor would be to treat and help the general population with rigorous day to day work involving great inspection and observation. An officer must also be alert open to look for any differentiations from the norm through surveillance and enforcement. The argument which comes at hand is which of these two professions are more gratifying and fulfilling; a doctor fit this description of fulfillment. This dispute can be articulated with an assessment of the two highly profiled and regarded vocations.

The job of a medical doctor is of great need in this world, as there is a shortage of such a profession; day to day we see people going into the doctor’s office searching for treatment for their plight. A doctor dedicates their time and full attention to the patient, and the patient only for examination and inspection which is clearly more fulfilling than patrolling the streets for misdemeanors. An example that can be seen is when the patient is with the doctor when he is diagnosing the patient. The doctor asks the patient their problems and then conveys the answers through a meticulous conclusion. Care and dedication can only be seen from such work ethic, this is an example of the self fulfillment which can be achieved in the profession of a physician. General practitioners also spend an extra 3-5 years in medical colleges striving for a better knowledge of disorders, diseases, the human structure and various other articles in order to serve the population better. An example of how this is more fulfilling than policing the streets is the fact that this intensive study which needs a prolonged revision could only lead to precise help for the public. Studying something so hard could only mean that the person at hand is truly interested and meaning to help the populous. Lastly the confidentiality of the doctor to patient meetings in a room, this serves as a connection to the patient that is dire for a cure. The reason this leads to a more of a fulfilling job is the verity that understanding the person’s troubles and seeing a patient over the years can lead to a connection that is not only on a professional level, but on a casual level as well. This is the epitome of self fulfillment in a job. Seeing, observing, listening, treating and seeing the patient healthy at the end of it.

Working as a police officer may seem fulfilling, but neither as intricate nor helpful as a doctor’s. Working very long shifts, patrolling on the streets the entire day, stress of protecting all at all time and not having the connection with the people you are actually defending leads to a fruitless career. On one hand a doctor spends long periods of time with the patient