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How does child abuse effect a child for a lifetime? January 23, 2013, Massachusetts nanny, Aisling McCarthy Brad was charged over the horrific attack on the one year old daughter of a British businessman that resulted in her death. This is child abuse and it’s a problem. Ever wonder why the society has so much crime inhabiting it, living off pain from others? Parents who find It okay to take out their anger on their kids, not only hurt them physically, but also harm them emotionally and mentally as well. Child abuse is a major problem in the U.S How big? Over three million reports of child abuse were filed with Child Protective Services around the country. More than half of these children are victims of neglect. Three thousand of the youngest victims will die because their bodies are too weak to stand up to the abuse. Research shows how child abuse is a huge problem in the world we live in today, so in order to lower the amount of abuse to children, parents need to think before they act.
What is child abuse exactly? Child abuse is the physical or emotional or sexual mistreatment of children. The four main types of child abuse are Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Emotional abuse, and neglect. Each of these types can leave permanent long lasting scars that could even last you your lifetime. Physical abuse is an injury to the child due to physical aggression towards them. Beating, slapping, kicking, choking, biting, and much more are examples of physical abuse. Emotional abuse is very different from physical abuse but can leave just as many scars to a person. Emotional abuse is applied harm, which results in damaged psychological growth and development. It involves words, actions, and attitude. A person may not be getting hurt physically but they are definitely going to be affected emotionally by these harmful words and actions. Yelling, name calling, mocking, threats, and humiliating are all examples of emotion abuse. Once the abuser has said what he or she has felt the need to say they often feel guilt, but not about what they have done, but more over the consequences of their actions. Being a victim of emotional can tend to make you have a very low self esteem, show personality changes and even become depressed, anxious or suicidal. Neglect on the other hand is also very different from Physical and Emotional abuse. Neglect is the failure of a parent, guardian, or other caregiver to provide for a child's basic needs. Not providing food, shelter, education, medical health and a child’s emotional needs are forms of neglect. Poverty is and the living environment pay be factors to why a child could feel neglected. If the parent does not look into assistance or information to help the child then the parent is failing to use resources causing the child to be at risk. The last type of child abuse is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is any sexual act between an adult and a child, including penetration, intercourse, incest, rape, oral sex, and sodomy. No matter how the child reacts, it’s the responsibility of the adult not to engage in sexual acts with children. Sexual abuse is never the child's fault ever. Not only is sexual abuse, but all kinds of child abuse are never ever the child’s fault. Being an abused child can lead to many risks, concerns, and fears not only for you but for the abuser as well. An abused child can face common risk factors such as physical, cognitive, emotional disability, chronic or serious illness childhood trauma, anti-social peer group, child aggression, behavior problems, and attention deficits. Even the abuser can be placed with risk factors to their well being such as depression, anxiety, low tolerance for frustration, feelings of insecurity or lack of trust. No kid should ever have to feel like they can’t go home or that they are afraid too. Children become scared of not only going home but to be around friends, family, adults, and people in general. They feel as if