Dohner Family: A Short Story

Words: 325
Pages: 2

I’ve been in the Dohner family for over 34 years. I knew Barb before I knew Chris. She was my lunch lady all through high school in the 80’s.

She was a caring and giving woman, She would do anything for anything especially her kids and grandkids. She struggled through life but was always grateful and positive fro east she had. She would give you the shirt off her back. She was always feeding everyone when they came over, even if she didn’t eat. She loved her kids, grandkids, and her dolls.

She also loved her church and her lord. She ushered (and alter society) at St. Mary’s until she could no longer walk there from her home. St Mary’s was a big part of her everyday life even when she could no longer attend.

Her special cards will be missed