Essay on Doll: Money and Kristine

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Mitchell Simmons
Mrs. Bach
3R English
4 February 2015
3. Torvald calls Nora his little songbird, squirrel, extravagant little person, and spendthrift. This tells the reader that Torvald does not take Nora very seriously and is only married to her because of her good looks. To Torvald, the relationship is very simple Nora is extremely pretty, and he job in the relationship is just to be pretty while Torvald provides the money for the family.
4. The macaroons represent the desired separation from Torvald she so desperately desires. The macaroons will destroy her teeth, and by destroying her teeth, she is destroying her beauty which is the sole reason Torvald is married to Nora. The macaroons foreshadow that a major conflict is going to happen between Torvald and Nora by the end of the book.
6. Nora tells Torvald that she wants a little bit of money for Christmas so she can save the money and then think about what she wants to buy. Even though she says this, and the reader may believe this for a few moments, it soon becomes evident that she wants the money for something else. As she is talking to Kristine she tells Kristine that she doesn’t use very much money, and she uses the rest of the money Torvald gives her to pay off her debt. A careful reader will note that this is foreshadowing as it helps develop the rest of the plot.
7. Last winter, while Torvald was still struggling to make money, Nora had to find a way to make money to pay back her loan. She was lucky enough to find a job where you copy books, and she locked herself up every night until midnight, and was very tired, but she was proud of it because she felt like a man. Torvald called this time in his life dull because Nora was not there every night to entertain him.
8. Kristine comes to Nora because her husband died three years ago and did not leave her very much money. Kristine then asks if Nora’s wife would help her find a position at Torvald’s bank. Nora tells Kristine that she will do whatever she can to ensure her longtime friend that she gets a position at the bank. Krogstad the figures out what is up and gets angry as he is the person who would be replaced.
9. Nora is not happy with her life in Act 1 because she feels like she is not able to do anything. Even though on the surface she seems light a happy singing lady on the inside she just rolls along all day, shops, tries to get Torvalds money to pay back her loan. That is why she is so eager to help Kristine get a job at Torvald’s bank because she can fell like she is doing something with her life.
11. Kristine thinks Nora is a simple minded pretty girl who is married to Torvald for the money. She does not really respect Nora rather she uses Nora as a way to get a job at Torvald’s bank. This all changes when Nora explains to Kristine that she was able to get her hands on a loan. Now Kristine thinks that Nora is actually very capable, and respects her towards the end of the chapter.
12. Nora becomes defensive because that is a part of Nora’s nature. She wants to be like a man, and women obtaining loans at the time were illegal. Because Kristine doubts Nora and thinks she is too simple minded to get her job, Nora feels like it is her duty to show Kristine that she is more than a pretty simple minded women. Nora is capable of being a man.
13. Kristine is surprised that Nora was able to obtain a loan not only because that doing so was illegal at the time but also because of Nora’s character. Nora is the last person Kristine would expect to get a loan because of how simple minded she is just like all pretty girls. The fact that she was able to get a loan does change Kristine’s opinion on Nora because it proves to Kristine that Nora isn’t so simple after all and she is…