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Running Head: DOLLAR GENERAL 1Dollar General StrategiesGlenda ReeseManagerial Marketing BUS 620Professor Mary WrightJuly 8, 2012
Dollar General Strategies
Two important strategy concepts that need to be implemented for successful marketing within a business are market segmentation and a generic marketing strategy. Market segmentation is defined by Mullins & Walker, Jr. (2010), as the process by which a market is divided into distinct subsets of customers with similar needs and characteristics that lead them to respond in similar ways to a particular product offering and marketing program (p.180). Generic market strategy is based on three strategies, one of which applies dominantly more than the other two in a
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Two important concepts that need to be implemented for a successful marketing campaign are market segmentation and the use of one generic marketing strategy, one of which is overall cost leadership. During an assessment of the Dollar General of Imboden Arkansas, it was determined that the type of market segmentation for this facility encompassed more of the less wealthy customers because that is the type people that comprise the majority of the population in the area. The generic marketing strategy dominantly seen was the overall cost leadership. This strategy was determined through the prices seen throughout the store and the stores cost of operation. While Dollar General may not be as stocked as the neighborhood Wal-Mart, for everyday items such as laundry soap or cleaning supplies, this is the place to shop
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