Dome Productions Swot Analysis

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Dome Productions is a company that specializes in mobile production and distribution. They also offer transmission services, studio facilities and broadcast services. They established themselves in 1989 with the opening of the SkyDome, which is now called the Rogers Centre, located in Toronto. Their main focus at the time was to provide live event facilities using in-house control rooms. In 1992, Dome Productions purchased mobile units, which made them more versatile and helped expand themselves in the mobile production business. They continued to buy mobile units throughout the years and now own 18 HD trucks.
In the past, Dome Productions was owned by different companies including Labatt, Netstar and CTV. In 2010, Bell Media bought CTV and
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All major decisions - including accounting and paperwork required for the company - are done at the head office in Toronto. The three leftover offices share the same tasks, such as serving as a warehouse. The warehouse stores mobile units and cameras, as well as necessary tools used to broadcast live events. The trucks are stationed there and if needed, repaired by Dome production’s engineers. Another important role that these offices hold include the preparation of trucks. In terms of the preparation, the cameras, wires and tools needed to film live events are stored and driven to the location of production. Within the entire organization, approximately seventy individuals are employed. For this audit, we examined the Montreal office that employs approximately thirteen employees. These employees serve different roles, including engineers, field shop coordinator, production manager and an assistant in …show more content…
They also hold rights to major sporting events, such as NHL games played in Canada. Dome Productions gained a reputation as a major industry leader by striving to be the best. For instance, they were the first company in the industry to introduce a HD truck, as well as a 4K truck. The organization always experiments with new technologies in the market, in order to offer the best quality to their clients. Dome Productions specializes in sporting events, although the organization also films many other TV channels, provided they are part of Bell media or Rogers media Inc. As aforementioned, Dome’s clients consist of companies owned by Rogers Media Inc. or Bell Media. These companies include RDS, TSN, CTV, Sportsnet, to name a few. Fox, Comcast and TVA are also major clients. In terms of competition, Dome is a fairly big player within the mobile production industry, and therefore does not compete with many large organizations. Though, several small companies such as Mobile Image, MNT, Game creek and global NEP, apply pressure to upkeep their competitive