Essay on Dome: Soil and Crop Rotation

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I chose the article titled “crop rotation” because I’ve always been interested in knowing more about the importance of a crop rotation. When it comes to being a farm manager you need to really know what crops to rotate and when to rotate your crops for various reasons. The article talks about balancing soil fertility, disease and pest prevention, and choosing your crop rotation plan.

First it states how different crops require different amounts of nutrients and how it affects soil balance differently. One crop may require a lot of nitrogen and quickly depletes the nitrogen from the soil then the following year depending on the crop you plant, may not have enough nitrogen. It is very important to know what crops do what to the soil so you can continue to have high yields each year.

Second is disease and pest prevention. Certain diseases and pest go to specific plants. For example a pest that is heavy on potatoes may still be around the following year and if you plant a crop that attracts the pest you will just be inviting that right back in. It is important to know about pesticides and diseases when choosing your crop rotation as a farm manager.

Last is choosing your crop rotation plan. As the first and second ideas fall into planning your crop rotation there are still other factors. It is good to find to have a “crop family” and set up a rotation with what crops will complement each other. You also always have the opportunity to have a cover crop for certain…