Domestic and Foriegn Affairs Essay

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During the 1790’s, the United States varied it’s perspective which molded the way the way the United States were forming. Domestic and Foreign affairs were taking a toll on politics significantly. This impacted the Bill of Rights and Constitution being written. Domestic and foreign affairs in the United States were influenced by immigration, employment, and poverty.
To begin with, domestic and foreign affairs had an influence on immigration. On March 36, 1790 congress puts the Naturalization Act into action. This was the first immigration law passed that made it mandatory to have a two year residence in order to get your citizenship. To figure out who can become a citizen, the United States used race as a central implement by passing this law. The naturalization act also had other mandatory requirements in areas like speaking English fluently. If you were not born in the United States, you were not able to receive your citizenship unless you were among the white race. Race was really seen as a social structure and not a biological classification. This act set citizenship as a privilege to be among the “Free White Persons.” The Naturalization Act of 1790 set the tone for race being the main focus in conversation in receiving citizenship. In addition to the Naturalization Act, in 1798, congress put four Alien and sedation acts into action. These acts gave power to different groups of individual liberty to stop terrorizations to the United States. The president had the power to exile anybody he believed to be dangerous. The acts also made it unlawful to insult the government or the president. Thus, immigration had an impact on domestic and foreign affairs in the 1790’s.
Secondly, employment also took part in domestic and foreign affairs which influenced the shaping of American politics in the 1790’s. During this time period, there were more than one million enslaved blacks that are partaking agricultural labor in the United States. The whites in the South thought that if blacks became free, they would become a danger to the white’s lifestyle. The slaves played a vast economic role in the South. The Southern states wanted to hold on to slavery after the Revolution which leads to the civil war. Another aspect of employment that was important to the shaping of politics was the United States obtaining the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States. This caused citizens to be very angry. They were angry because he took an action that went against the 10th amendment. This amendment says that any authority not given to the government in the constitution was an authority of the state. In the constitution, it does not state that the president