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Orlene Molina
Professor Rosenstein
Creative Writing
31 October 2013
My Hero
My Warrior
My Savior
There when I’m sick
There when I’m lost
Only one who understands me
Only one who would be there at the end
The only one who knows the real me
My personal Cheer Leader
Cheering at me even when I’m down
Cheering at my dreams
Praying to be more like you
Praying not to ever loose you
My hero
Very blessed to have you

Don’t forget to breathe
Seem like I'm drowning in a list of to do’s
Working so that I can be happy
But how can I be happy
When there are so many things to tend to
Plant the seeds
Water the soil
Trim the grass
Don't forget to breathe
If you let it
It'll consume you whole
No flowers yet just a cluttered mind
When will the flower blooms
Impatient as a child on Christmas Eve
Can it really be that it takes so much work and time to see my hard work pay off
How will I enjoy my flowers when I'm so exhausted from growing them

A Forgotten Memory
Were we ever really together?
Why did I bother to care?
Every dispute we faced, does not affect me anymore.
Is there a meaning of love?
I thought I could believe you,
Trust you,
Rely on you,
I guess I was wrong.
You could have saved us when you had the chance,
Good thing you didn’t
It seemed risky as first to lose that someone you cared,
Apparently it was easy to forget you.

This is me
I am the silent observer
Who loves strong with her heart and soul
The shadow of her mother
The opposite of her father
Where earth is a test and heaven is her home
My imaginations are endless
My thoughts take over me
Hard as a rock
Only a few know the real story
Outspoken when I need to be
Silent when I have to be
I am the young Latin girl
Still growing

You made me so happy
Endless conversations till the sun came out
So many promises that were kept to each other
The way you looked at me
The way you awkwardly acted in front of me
You made me smile
You made me so nervous
You loved me for me
Wishing I could go back to the past
Regretting how things ended
Wasn’t ready to say goodbye
Now that you’re gone, I can’t help but think about what we could have been
I must admit, it was my fault
Just hoping you’ll forgive me one day
Different Questions, mixed emotions run through my head
Big court rooms with scary people
Why was this happening to my family?
Why was this happening to me?