Domestic Violence

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The Effects of Domestic Violence On Women
We live in a world full of violence, distanced from peace. Where violence surrounds us, leaving its victims physically and mentally traumatized along with agitated and helpless. Domestic violence is a common form of physical abuse which often leads to depression, trauma to the body and PTSD.
Domestic violence is abuse seen between loved ones, usually an intimate partner and is more likely to be seen with women as the victims over men. Domestic violence is often not reported due to the victim's fear of leaving their abusive partner and a feeling of shame if their friends or family were to be made aware of the abuse. The opposer makes it nearly impossible for the victim to leave even after the first time
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These victims are hard to identify due to the fact that they usually don’t show signs and for the most part don’t report abuse to authorities. They also tend to be very protective over their abusers, for they choose to believe that there is still a good side to them and that they might be capable of change. Which is why many reported domestic violence attacks are by repeated offenders who promised their partners they would change and they relapse and begin to be controlling again and become violent once again. More often than not the one getting abused solely wants the abusing and violence to end and not the relationship for the still love their …show more content…
PTSD symptoms include, flashbacks, anxiety, changes in emotional reactions, a sense of astounding guilt or shame, issues with eating and or sleeping, a loss in the ability to feel certain emotions, no hope for the future and a need to always be on guard and aware. PTSD in victims of domestic violence tends to affect future relationships along with relationships with one’s family and friends. PTSD causes very serious emotional pain and is very difficult to