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Mina Milek
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Why she doesn’t leave?
Domestic Violence is very big issue happening almost everywhere in the world its power and control of one person has more power and is able to control many of aspects of the relationship. Domestic violence is also physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, intimidation, and isolation of the victim from both sides, most of the cases are violence happening against women. The big question that always came to mind is why a lot of women stay in an abusive relationship here is probably why from what I think; Men use various ways of physical abuse toward their partner in many ways. Physical abuse is caused or described by shoving, slapping, kicking, punching, tripping, choking, pulling hair, arm-twisting, and by raping. Physical abuse creates low self-esteem in women. All of these are all causes of physical abuse by a man toward a woman. Besides physical abuse, there is emotional abuse also. Emotional abuse could also be called verbal abuse. There are many types of verbal abuse, such as criticism in every way. Like for example, shouting, swearing, blaming, putting down, and making her feel stupid, and embarrassing her in public and home. Domestic violence is believed to be the most common it happens in a lot of relationship, yet its least reported crime in the United States by women.
Here are some of the reasons of why a lot of women’s decision of not leaving or not reporting an abusive relationship; when a woman is being abused there are numerous reasons why she doesn't leave one of the reasons is she feeling Rejection or denial she finds it difficult to believe that someone who claims to love her would treat her this way and hoping one day that he will change. Second reason, which I think it’s most important, is Low self-esteem, when women being abused by her male partner her self-esteem goes down to zero and her physical and mental health is threatened. Third reason is there is No place to go, most of the times these women fear that they have no way to go, and most of times that's the case. Fourth reason is Fear because they are in fear that their partner will bring