Essay on Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence
Andy Fernandez, Eugene Ayala-Cruz, Betty Coates, Natalie McClain, Ryon Kosino
PSY 400
October 6, 2011
Katherine Anderson

Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is a serious problem that can occur to any person despite maturity, ethnicity, age, male, or female. Domestic violence dramatically affects the victim and the families of the victim, coupled with society. The account of domestic violence has left a disturbing finger print that has showed its ugly face on society. Additionally, there will be an inspection of the essentials of influence that abet the consciousness and deterrence of this despicable and predatorily violence from person to person. By increasing awareness of domestic violence in today’s society, affected individuals will be afforded a sense of understanding and will exist better by having ways of preventing it from happening to them. Domestic violence did not just begin today. Domestic violence is more prevalent than people know. The subject has been around for a long time, people just hid it well. Mounting alertness of this crime in present-day culture will give individuals the possibility to be attentive and the means to avoid it from ever happening to them or others.
Domestic violence will be illustrated in many diverse categories of aggressive associations, for example, there could be the category of child, emotional, marital, and even the abuse of the elderly. This term is used to illustrate an affiliation among two mature adults where one of the associates employs physical or mental attacks to emphasize authority and power. The way that this crime involves psychosomatic, financial, and sexual abuse makes it very crushing to the individual who suffers under it. A lengthy past of domestic violence is seen but only in recent times has it grow to be recognized with a public healthiness concern (WebMD, 2011).
This brought way to the multiple bills to would be approved by giving guard and facilitation to the victims and their families that are anguished because of its repercussions. During the 70s spousal cruelties develop into a municipal matter. This was alleged to be brought about because of the beginning of women’s rights making more headway with the Congress of the United States. A demanding bill that was labeled “Domestic Violence Prevention and Services Act,” though, authoritatively this was never approved pending the later determination (Columbia University, 2011).
A comparable bill named “Family Violence Prevention Services Act” did pass. This permitted the Secretary of Health and Human Services to assist victim stricken individuals to be facilitated with refuge for them and if needed for their relatives. Even with these bills in effect, this type of violence was still not within community’s outlook and unfortunately was mostly ignored within the health care population also (Columbia University, 2011).
When Nicole Brown- Simpson was murdered in 1994, the public’s outlook on this matter drastically altered. The society began appreciating that this type of violence was the start to committing greater crimes (Columbia University, 2011). Violence against Women Act was adopted in 1994 and was intended to make available community services to defend women who had or have suffered domestic violence (WebMD, 2011).
Just so the figures and data of domestic violence are known there are roughly three to three and a half million females battered due to their partner only within the United States annually. About 1,750 women who will be put to death because of the male partner they are within just the next year. One in five residences will have a taken action of bodily violence or mistreatment (WebMD, 2011). Also 7.7 million individuals involved in a cherished relationship correlated one or more attacks have or had taken place. These did variety between physical violence involving rapes of both males and females. These numeral figures demonstrate that many are…