Domestic Violence: Constructing a Strong Argument Essays

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Unit 4: Constructing a Strong Argument
Mayra A Torres
Kaplan University

Prof Russo

I think that the type of claim my thesis express is a claim of cause. It work’s good for a domestic violence thesis. This thesis can be an effective one fist because is a global problem that touch everyone in a different way. There’s a lot of information out there I can use to add more information to my thesis or to make it better. And I think I have a point and I choose a good topic, a lot of people have interest and want to know more about domestic violence. like I say in my discussion post I would use ethos, proving my knowledge on the subject. bringing accurate information from reliable sources. Pathos, domestic violence is extremely sad, I have to touch the feelings of the people I would try make them think how they going to feel if they are in this situation or if a member of his family have a domestic violence problem how they going feel. What hurts more is to see children suffering domestic violence, but I need to be careful how I show that because it can hurt people’s feelings. Logos, reasoning with other people sometimes it’s not easy and if I try to reasoning about domestic violence, it’s going to be more hard because for some people domestic violence is still a taboo I need to reach them by images of the consequences of violence perhaps informative videos and Use the high statistics we have in all the country. Domestic violence is a problem that affects all of us in different ways. It’s not easy to prove this and make people understand this either. It doesn’t matter that this is a global problem they are people out there that don’t talk about