Domestic Violence Epidemic Summary Essay

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Domestic Violence Epidemic Summary

Domestic Violence Epidemic Summary
This study by Furlow (2010) examines the different types and risk factors for domestic violence. The effects of and the outcomes of domestic violence was also discussed. Also the responsibilities that hospitals, health care workers and state agencies all have when face with such violence is examined. In this article it states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified types of domestic violence. The first is physical violence. Defined as physical force that causes injury or death. Second is sexual violence, which is physically pressuring sexual acts with the victim. Third, emotional and psychological violence, this may include threats and terrorizing the victim. Last includes psychological and emotional abuse, this is when the abuser humiliates, demeans and isolates the victim.
Domestic violence is considered as physical, sexual, psychological harm which would include child abuse, elder abuse or intimate partner violence or IPV. Due to victims being intimated by abusers domestic violence is rarely reported. IPV tends to go unreported and undetected. 65-80 % of the reported victims are believed to be females between the ages of 16-24. Child abuse and child neglect is rarely report as well, in reading it is stated that child protective services stated more than 906,000 of American children are victims of abuse and parents are the abusers 80% of the cases. Elder abuse is the most under reported. Most victims of elder abuse live in institutions or assisted living facilities. Many hospitals have policies to screen for abuse but few offer resources to help victims. The outcome of being a victim of domestic violence may include suffering from chronic headaches, confusion depression anxiety and suicide. Victims may experience post-traumatic stress disorder and the