Domestic Violence In Australia

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Domestic violence

I am a 13 year old boy who lives in a society where people are starting to say they are sick of hearing about domestic violence, like it is a problem from the past. Both of my parents are social workers and my uncle is a policeman and so I have a tiny insight into how pervasive domestic violence is in Australia. The facts are 1 in 3 Australian girls below the age of 15 have experienced physical abuse and these figures will not change as girls grow into adulthood ( “Between 80 and 100 Australian women die at the hands of their male partners every year – and a woman in Australia is more likely to be killed in her own home by her male partner than anywhere else or by anyone else.” (*The ABS Personal Safety Survey 2006) Is this the standard that we as Australians want to uphold? The devastation to women caused by domestic violence receives some recognition in Australian society, the devastation to children who are exposed to and involved in domestic violence is a more insidious silent disease.
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It includes psychological, emotional, social, financial and spiritual violence towards women and children. It can infiltrate every element of a woman and her children’s lives. It can involve your partner controlling everywhere you go, who you have contact with; social abuse and financial isolation. So realistically, what does it mean to you or me that 1 in 3 women are victims of domestic violence? It means that my teachers, my friend’s parents and sisters, my Aunties, my grandparents and even my own family is being impacted, which means this is personal. The government is being assertive in enforcing that domestic violence is a cowardly act and will not be tolerated, but it is still occurring more than