Domestic Violence Video Analysis

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From module one domestic violence videos series I learned about domestic violence against women. Domestic violence can happened to anyone, but it is more common to happen to women. The women in the first video “It Rarely Stops” appears with a black eye, scars on her neck, bloody nose, and it even looks like someone hit her in the forehead. She is staring at herself in the mirror knowing that it is wrong for her to let anyone beat her. From this video I learned that there are many women who stare at the mirror just like her, but don’t do nothing about it. Women see violence battle scars come and go and still stay with the abuser because of many reasons. I also learned that there are many women who try to cover scars and bruises with makeup, …show more content…
From this PowerPoint I learned the different types of abuse including physically, emotionally, using the children, blaming, denting, economic, financial, threats, and intimidation. Physical and emotional abuse are two of the main abuses that most women experience. “Victims can be men or women, yet women represent 95% of adult victims”. (Campbell & Sims) The Cycle of violence includes abuse, guilt, rationalize, normal behavior, fantasy, and planning setup. I also learned that many victims stay with the abuser because lack of fear, children involved, religious or cultural beliefs, and or believing for a change. Leaving the abuser is a process therefore in order to leave women need to realize that the relationship is unhealthy and will not get better, experience hope for the future, and get support from family, friends, and the community. The PowerPoint also taught me ways to help victims of domestic violence which includes to listen to the victim, don’t judge, work on a safety plan, refer the victims to the help line, and most importantly never give up. Domestic violence cannot be acceptable from anyone, everyone has the power to end domestic