Essay on Domestic Violence in the United States

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Student Name: Nathan Regedanz
Project 1 SOCY 100
Date: 20 April 2009

Introduction The office of domestic violence against women defines domestic violence as pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner. Domestic violence does not just affect the immediate victim but is a widespread problem in the United States. Eighthly five percent of domestic violence victims are women (Domestic Violence Facts, 2007). Results of violence can be health care professionals in the treatment of physical injuries, the psychological impact upon the victim, or the aggressive behavior of the abuser. In this project I will analyze the feminist perspective of
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If a domestic violence case has been reported between the husband and wife they will be separation for a time no shorter than 72 hours where there is not contact. If there is evidence of physical harm and the victim does not want to press charges they still have to attend a mandatory anger management and couples counseling. I believe that if the United States would have these kinds of free mandatory counseling sessions it would not only reduce the number of domestic violence repeaters but help the victims seek much needed psychological help.

As a Military Police Officer I am surprised when I heard that in domestic violence investigations how many close family members and friend have heard of prier instances of domestic violence between the subject and the victim. I have worked a case where a subject hit his wife when dunk and sent her to the hospital and when a close friend of the couple was asked if they knew of a time where it has happed before they said they know of many times where violence has occurred between them. Many times family members do not report what they have seen or heard and the attacker does not get much needed help. I believe that when domestic violence occurs the victim is very confused on the choices that he/she needs to make, and even if initially the couple gets back together the core of the relationship has been broken and long term damage has occurred.

Consequences It is