Domesticated Ocean of Paradise Essay

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Domesticated Ocean of Paradise The feeling of paradise, reminds me of a place that was once my home and lived there my entire life till high school and will always be my little paradise. The feeling as the suns glistening on your skin as you reaches the cliff and gaze at the endless ocean with a smell of sea; Salty, refreshing, and relaxation. Going down the steps hearing the Mother Nature’s waves crashing against the sand turning rocks in to finite sand. Finally reaching the bottom taking off your sandals to dip your feet in the sand which is unpolluted and full of shells of sea life that exist in the ocean. Seeing the wave sets is probably the most gratifying experience to see especially being a surfer because the waves are prefect and crystal clean. That experience has happen at Pelican Hills, Newport Beach Crystal Cove which has activities such as surfing, swimming, cycling, and sightseeing.
The First attraction of Crystal Cove is surfing. First reason why the surfing there is amazing is the water it’s self. It is crystal blue and clear enough where you can see what is beneath the sea. In my opinion the water is much cleaner then Huntington Beach and not over populated. Next the waves at Crystal Cove are different then other beaches due to the fact that there are two sand bars next to each other which create 3 different seats of waves. If you go to the far left of the beach you get a sphere type break which is made for the more experience type of surfer due to the fact that two waves are colliding to each other and makes the waves much stronger. In the middle you have your standard type of break which is a wave that just goes straight and does not barrel often. Finally the right side you have a barreled type of break that either goes right or left and has the type of wave that you will see in surfing magazines. Crystal Cove beach offers one of the best experiences for surfing due to the fact that the water is great and waves have so much variety.
Crystal Cove beach is not only for the surfers but for the swimmers as well. Crystal Cove beach has sometimes a nice smooth break during two pm and five pm tides where the waves break far away from the cove and sand which gives a perfect opportunity for the swimmers to swim. Swimming at that time gap lets you see the sea life underwater surprise that the ocean has to offer. Snorkeling is also very popular there too due to the fact that it is off a cove. You can see many sea creature inhabitants such as crabs, lobsters, a assortment of fishes and many more.
Another attraction is for the land dwellers that love to ride bikes and love cycling. The beach has two types of paths for biking. One is on the cliff by the beach which offers an off road mountain biking experience which is not