Dominican Beauty Salon Interview Essay

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Magazine article based on my interview Friday afternoon in a Dominican beauty salon in the Bronx, with the radio station La Mega on. The ladies are listening and singing bachatas, merengue and reggae while getting their hair and nails done. You can heard some ladies “chismeando”which mean gossiping in the background while they drink some “frias” in other words beers. That is the atmosphere a Dominican salon starts the weekends and in that same atmosphere sitting in the front of a beautiful mirror I got to interview a friend of mine called Jessica Rodriguez who counted me her history. New York is a city of immigrants as we all know. This is one of the most diverse city in the world. Immigrants bring with them a bag full of dreams and hope when they come to this magica city. Jessica Rodriguez and her family moved to New York from the Dominican Republic when she was a baby, like a lot of Dominican families are doing lastly, seeking for a better future in a stranger city and with desire of helping others.
We all remember that time in our life when we depended on others, when we were little. Visualized that image of our aunt loving us and taking care of us as we were her own children. Immigrants feel like baby as well when they get to a country they know anything about and don't speak the language. Jessica
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I asked her what her aunt and she did to get the money to open the business. To my surprise the money wasn’t a big inconvenience to them. I thought immigrants have a lot of inconvenience with money but they didn’t. Let’s say that her aunt had save money her entire life, since they were living in Dominican Republic, she had $50,000 saved. The rest of the money they needed, which wasn’t a lot, they loan it from the bank. I explained her that in my case I didn’t need money because I was only contributing my friend I am helping with